Best Dildos for Riding

What makes a dildo perfect for riding? There’s a lot of factors at play when it comes to riding your dildo versus just using it while you’re lying down. Sit back and let’s go for a ride 🙂

Best Dildo Material for Riding

When considering what kind of dildo to buy, start with the material. This is important because a shaft that is too soft or worse yet, too hard can keep you from having a really great time. You wouldn’t be able to comfortably ride hard plastic vibrator, for example.

Ideally, your dildo will have a structured inner core to keep the shape of the dildo but is still flexible when you’re riding it. The outside should be soft to the touch for comfort. 

A terrific example of this firm but flexible combination would be a Tantus Curve Silicone Dildo. It’s made from premium silicone with a tapered head that eases in easily but a rigid body to press against your G-spot.

Some dildo materials won’t work for riding. For example, imagine riding a glass dildo.

Without any pliability, the dildo won’t move with you and can actually hurt. Vibrators, commonly made of plastic, won’t help you here either.

As with any sex toy, make sure that you’re buying safe, quality materials. Silicone is firm yet flexible and easy to clean. It’s non-porous, which will help keep it cleaner too. Silicone is also free of harmful chemicals that plastic or jelly sex toys have, like phthalates or BPA. 

How Long Should the Dildo Be?

Insertable length is an important consideration when shopping for dildos you plan to ride. While you might usually go for a bigger is better when it comes to your dildos, this isn’t the time to do that. 

When you ride a really long dildo, it’s going to bottom (or top?) out and can get really uncomfortable. You’re sitting on the dildo, and your weight will put pressure on the dildo in a way that you simply cannot when you’re on your back.

The ideal length is around 6 to 7 inches. If you’re not a massive fan of length to begin with, go for 6 inches. If you do like that full feeling, shoot for 7 to 7.5 inches. 

Instead of length, you might get enjoy the sensations more if you get a dildo with some impressive girth. I wouldn’t get a dildo that’s thinner than 1.5 inches. The 1.5 to 2-inch range will serve you well.

Want to be filled up? Check out the popular King Cock Mega Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo.

Vibrating Dildos for Riding

Plenty of good riding dildos also include internal vibrators. If vibrators float your boat, combine the two of them for a good time. 

The Lifelike Lover Luxe Vibrating Warming Realistic Dildo is a nice vibrating, silicone dildo.

As with any vibrating sex toy, double-check your power source. If you always forget to charge your electronics, or can’t charge your toy out in the open, pick a battery-operated model. Otherwise, go for a USB rechargeable model and never have to search for a battery again.

Why ride a dildo? 

In addition to being something different than your usual routine, riding a dildo has excellent benefits.

It’s hands-free! If you’re masturbating, riding your dildo will leave your hands free to roam. Play with your nipples or rub your clit!

It just feels better! When you’re sitting with your thighs wide riding your dildo, you’re able to go deeper than you would have if you were just inserting it on your back. There’s a reason why “woman on top” is a popular sex position.

It’s an excellent way to try something new with a partner. The options are limitless.

If you’re a lesbian who likes penetration but doesn’t like strap ons or you and your lady both want penetration at the same time, set up dildos to ride at the same time. Both of your hands are available to grab, feel, touch anything, and you can both control the penetration.

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Riding a dildo can also be the key to exploring fantasies with your partner. If you and your partner have always wanted a threesome, roleplay with a dildo. You can always just skip the scenario and go for the double penetration.

Quick PSA – always use lube when you’re using your dildo or any other sex toy for that matter. Lubricants make sex and masturbation feel better. 

How to set up your dildo for riding

The easiest and most straightforward way to set up a dildo for riding is to pick a suction cup dildo. These attach, via suction cup, to any flat surface. This can be a wall, floor, chair, shower bench, or whatever else your imagination allows.

The suction cup is also nice because the dildo itself is all you need for riding. You don’t need any other accessories to accomplish your mission. 

Take advantage of deep and full sensations by sticking your dildo to a chair with a flat seat. Sit down on your dildo and rock back and forth on your chair. Spread your legs and use your free hands to rub your clit.

I have the Strap-On Dildo Vibrating Sensor Touch pictured above and as you can see, it suctions well on many surfaces.

This set up also works if you have a shower bench you can use. If you don’t, try a bathtub. Suction your dildo to the bottom of the tub, fill it up and climb in (and on). 

Once you start looking around, you’ll notice that suction cup dildos can really go anywhere. If you’re suffering from textured walls, carpeted floors, and upholstered beds, you can get quite creative. Take a look at other furniture that can handle your enthusiastic riding. 

For example, you may be able to try your headboard or footboard. 

If riding a floor or shower bench isn’t your cup of tea, and you want a soft surface to ride, you are going to want an accessory. Enter the Liberator Bonbon.

This pillow does double duty as a sex positioner and a toy mount. Insert a vibrator you already own, and you’ll be riding off into the sunset comfortably. You can also use this with your partner to try new positions. Having a Liberator makes new positions more comfortable (and more pleasurable). 

black sex positioning pillow in front of light gray background with title bon bon and description

The Best Dildos for Riding

Best G-Spot Dildo for Riding

Avant D3 Summer Fling Silicone Dildo

Black and pink striped g-sport dildo with suction cup base on a gray circle background and title avant d4 and description

What makes it great:

The shape will ensure that your g-spot is stimulated while riding your dildo. There are two ridges guaranteed to hit the right spots. It’s versatile with a strong suction cup but also works in a harness too.

It’s colorful and will be very attractive to those turned off by realistic-looking dildos. The Avant is made of high-quality silicone making it easy to keep clean and safe for water use. Stick with water-based lubes to keep your toy like new for the long run. With an insertable length of 7 inches and a width of 1.75 inches, the Avant D3 will fill you up nicely.

Best Vibrating Dildo for Riding

Sensor Luxe Dildo

hot pink vibrating dildo in front of a gray circle background with title sensor luxe and description

What makes it great:

This vibrating dildo has two touch-activated sensors controlling 10 functions, making it a fun ride. The vibrations become more powerful when you clench your muscles around it. It’s completely waterproof but should not be boiled like other silicone sex toys because of the internal vibrator.

The base is shaped to work with a harness and is a suction cup too! It’s on the stiffer side, but it still works because it’s not too long.

With an insertable length of 6 inches and a width of 1.5 inches, the Sensor Luxe is best for those who don’t like considerable dildos.

Best Realistic Dildo for Riding

Buck Vixskin Dildo

realistic white flesh colored dildo with veining in front of light gray circle background with title buck and description

What Makes it Great:

Buck is as realistic as can be in look and feel. Vixskin’s outer silicone is soft and pliable with an inner core to keep its shape and make it fun to ride. Vixskin will warm up when you’re using too. The veining will feel good as it rubs against you.

Buck’s base is a suction cup that also works with harnesses. It’s easy to clean with soap and water or boiling.

An insertable length of 6 inches but a width of 2 inches means you’ll be full. Although girthy, Vixskin makes it more comfortable since it’s pliable. Being on the shorter end also makes it an ideal dildo for riding since the tip won’t hit your cervix when Buck is inside you.

Enjoy the ride!