Best Remote Control Sex Toys

It’s possible to leverage technology to have better orgasms and get closer your partner with remote control sex toys. 

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Controlling your toys with a remote opens up a whole new world. Any time you or your partner can’t directly touch each other, remote control sex toys are a good idea. Whether it’s getting adventurous on a night out, or dealing with being apart, read below to find the best remote control sex toys for you. 

Remote Control and App enabled sex toys can bring together couples who are apart. They can be a different (and enjoyable) way to switch up foreplay. It’s also a way to explore your fantasies. Handing over the controls to your lover is an approachable way to explore power dynamics. Wearing a discreet remote vibrator in public allows you to explore the thrill of public play without the risk. 

Best Remote Control Sex Toys for Long Distance

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If you and your partner are apart and longing to touch each other, app-enabled sex toys are a great way to connect. We’re lucky to live in a time where companion toys are a thing. 

When it comes to couples playing together, it doesn’t get better than Lovense toys. Miles won’t matter when both of you have a sex toy built to bring each of you the most pleasure.

photo of lovense nora and max 2 app controlled sex toys

Lovense makes toys that work in perfect sync with one another, Max 2 and NoraNora is a rabbit vibrator, while Max 2 is a male masturbator. These are absolute game changers because pairing the toys with the Lovense app allows the toys to control each other. 

When you start using your vibrator, the app will begin delivering matching sensations to your partner’s pump. The reverse works too! When your man pumps faster, your vibrator is going to speed up to match. 

Video apps might make it easier to bear being apart, but this is a way to feel like you’re connected still. 

Best Remote Control Panty Vibrator

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For hands-free, clitoral only stimulation pick a panty vibe. The trick is finding one that stays put. Enter the Moxie by WeVibe. Moxie features a magnetic clip to attach itself to your panties. Once you find the right position, it won’t slip. You can rest easy that it won’t slide out of your panties if you’re wearing it out too. 

Place the vibrator in your panties where you like it, then place the magnetic piece on the back of the vibrator. The magnetic clip hugs your panties and sticks to the vibrator. So easy! Turn it on while you’re placing it to make sure you have it just right.

The Moxie is perfect to use alone or with a partner. With the controls flipping between a remote or an app, the uses are limitless. You turn a boring commute on a train into an absolute delight while looking like you’re just scrolling social media on your phone. You can just as easily hand the remote control to a partner and turn a regular dinner into an extraordinary event. 

It’s exceptionally quiet and still manages to deliver a rumbly vibration with enough modes and speeds to customize your experience. Truly great when you want to use a vibrator in public.

Best Remote Control Sex Toy for Couples

Women who have a hard time achieving orgasm during sex can benefit greatly from a remote vibrator worn during sex. While you can undoubtedly try cock rings on your partner’s penis (or dildo), there are better options out there for you. A cock ring can leave you frustrated when thrusting takes the vibrations away from your clit. 

The We-Vibe Chorus is a remote control and app-controlled vibrator worn by women during intercourse. Once you insert the thin, flat end into your vagina, the Chorus curves around you and bends up with a wide end that lays on your clit. 

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The g-spot / clit combo is a winner for a lot of women but can be really pleasurable for men too! On the other hand, if your partner is a woman, the base that lays on your clit can provide her sensations as well if you’re in the right position (missionary) but probably won’t be getting her off.

If the idea of wearing a vibrator during sex sounds like it won’t work, don’t fret. This vibrator is adjustable to fit your anatomy and flexible enough to be comfortable. There will be room for your partner too. As with any toy, lube is key to pleasure and will make the experience for both of you.

What makes the Chorus special are the high tech features. The vibrator responds to your movements, so when you move, it changes the sensations. You can set it to increase the vibrations as you’re getting closer to coming and start contracting against it.

Hold the remote control in your hand and squeeze it, and the vibrations will change too! Constant thrums to your g-spot and clit, along with penetration, is a winning (explosive) combination. This is a must-try for couples. If you like flexibility, you can easily use it alone too. If your partner is away, have them download the app, and they can take control of the Chorus from wherever they have internet.

Best Budget Remote Control Sex Toy

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If the price tag on these remote sex toys seems shocking, go for the Mantric Remote Control Panty Vibrator. You will get a high-quality, luxurious feeling silicone vibrator for a reasonable price. 

The molded tip surrounds your clit and settles into your panties. To avoid any embarrassing situations when you’re wearing it out, pick a tight pair of panties to hold it in place. Even better, slip the vibrator in the gusset of your panties and leave the molded tip out.

It’s ultra-quiet, which is ideal for a remote control panty vibrator. No one will know why you’re writhing in your seat at dinner. That is except your partner holding the remote control. The remote, designed to hook on to a keychain, is discreet and straightforward. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of speeds and patterns despite the reasonable price point. 

Mantric is not controlled with an App or smartphone, so it’s for solo play or when you and your partner are closeby.

Best Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

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When you’re ready to upgrade your classic bullet vibrator, the Lelo Lyla 2 will deliver with bells and whistles. This flexible friend can be your regular bullet vibrator or an insertable egg vibrator too. Even better, you can control it with or without the remote. 

The Lyla 2 is the second generation of Lelo’s remote bullet, and the improvements make this a worthwhile toy to get. The remote on the Lyla 2 features something Lelo calls Sensemotion, which lets you control your vibrator by tilting the remote while you’re using it. If you don’t like messing with buttons when you’re trying to come and need a little more oomph, tilt your remote vertically. The strength goes to 100% at the turn of your wrist. 

If you only want to use your remote from time to time, the Lyla can work just fine without it too!

Use it solo or with a partner for some fun. Lyla functions as a clitoral vibrator, but you can just as easily slip it into your panties and the remote into your pocket. Make foreplay more interesting by handing control to your partner. A stop at your favorite bar becomes a lot more interesting with Lyla. You’ll be rushing home after a walk together to finish what you started.

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Rest assured, all of these remote control sex toys are made of luxurious-feeling, body-safe materials. They’re rechargeable and waterproof and will last a long time for you and your partner. Remember to use a water-based lubricant to keep your toys in new condition.

Have fun, and enjoy yourself!