Fun and Artistic Dildos

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Are you looking for dildos that don’t actually look like dildos? Would you rather have fun and artistic dildos than realistic phallic ones? If you find yourself reaching for color and art in your everyday life, flesh-colored dildos might not cut it for you. There’s no reason why your sex toys can’t be an expression … Read more

Best Dildos for Riding

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What makes a dildo perfect for riding? There’s a lot of factors at play when it comes to riding your dildo versus just using it while you’re lying down. Sit back and let’s go for a ride 🙂 Best Dildo Material for Riding When considering what kind of dildo to buy, start with the material. This … Read more

Clitoral Stimulators (Including how to use them and how they work!)

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Clitoral stimulators are sex toys made to provide powerful sensations to the clitoris without the direct buzzing intensity from conventional vibrators. Suction enhances arousal and pleasure by engorging the clitoris and making your nerve endings more sensitive. This type of toy might be newer, but clitoral pumps have been around for some time. Although older … Read more

Best Discreet Vibrators

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Whether you’re looking for the best discreet vibrators you can pack in a purse or a bag, use without anyone knowing, or wear in public, there’s one out there for you. Having a vibrator that doesn’t announce it’s presence has excellent benefits:  There are some traits to keep in mind when shopping for a discreet … Read more

Best Dildos for Lesbians

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When it comes to lesbian sex, there are a lot of things to consider other than penetration. However, penetration can be a pleasurable and satisfying part of a lesbian’s sex life.  Dildos are a versatile and pleasurable tool in the penetration game. When it comes to dildos, there are options out there to serve every … Read more

Best Remote Control Sex Toys

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It’s possible to leverage technology to have better orgasms and get closer your partner with remote control sex toys.  Controlling your toys with a remote opens up a whole new world. Any time you or your partner can’t directly touch each other, remote control sex toys are a good idea. Whether it’s getting adventurous on … Read more

Best Way to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

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Once you’ve gotten ahold of using a basic vibrator such as a bullet, you’re ready to move on and see what else is out there. Look no further than a rabbit vibrator. There’s a reason that they’re incredibly popular and even featured prominently in an entire episode of Sex and the City. Designed for dual … Read more

Best Way to Use a Bullet Vibrator

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The bullet vibrator – the one that will always come through for you. Pun very much intended. If you only have one vibrator, chances are it’s a bullet. There’s a reason why; it’s reliable and can deliver an orgasm every time. Not all of these little power players are made equal. Below, I will cover … Read more