Fun and Artistic Dildos

Are you looking for dildos that don’t actually look like dildos? Would you rather have fun and artistic dildos than realistic phallic ones?

If you find yourself reaching for color and art in your everyday life, flesh-colored dildos might not cut it for you. There’s no reason why your sex toys can’t be an expression of you. 

You might also be turned off by the ultra-realistic veining and testicles that most dildos feature. Non-phallic dildos can bring you all of the pleasure that their realistic counterparts can but will add a decorative element to your nightstand drawer. 

Despite the overwhelming availability of lifelike sex toys, fun and artistic dildos exist! In fact, there are plenty of creative dildos out there.

Here are some of the best options when you want some pizzaz and variety in your toys.

Marshmallow Sweets Twisty Dildo

image of dildo with white, pink, and shimmering blue twists in front of a pink and geometric background and the text "marshmallow sweets twisty dildo"

If you’re looking for a dildo, you can actually call cute and don’t want to take your sex toys too seriously; the Marshmallow Sweets Twisty Dildo is for you.

This fun dildo looks like a fantastic lollypop or a unicorn horn instead of a sex toy. The yellow, pink, and blue ridges wrapped around the white body add delicious sensations during use. These twists will feel oh so good just inserting or rotating while inside you. 

As the name implies, the silicone material is marshmallow soft and flexible. At 8.75″ long and 1.75″ in diameter, it’s packing quite a punch too.

It looks nothing like a penis, and most people wouldn’t assume it was even a sex toy if they came across it. Perfect for playful women looking to get themselves off.

Chakrub Natural Crystal Dildo

image of smooth rose quartz dildo in front of a white and geometric background and the text "the heart"

Why not restore your harmony while having great orgasms. Chakrub’s The Heart comes in a variety of natural stones. The loveliest of them all, rose quartz. Entirely appropriate if you ask me since rose quartz promotes self-love. 

Even if you’re not a believer in the metaphysical powers of crystals, these are still gorgeous dildos. Pretty enough to leave out on a shelf.

This dildo is very hard as it is genuinely made out of rose quartz. That can be good as it can make stimulating your g-spot easy! As a stone material, you can also enjoy temperature play since the natural material is cold. 

The Heart is 7″ long and 1.67″ in diameter. In addition to rose quartz, it’s also available in jade, amethyst, and quite a few other options.

Jollie Happy Daisy G-Spot Dildo

The Jollie Happy Daisy Silicone G-Spot Dildo by Luzarte not only has style but offers some truly unique features. First, this isn’t your typical phallic dildo. The shape of this dildo comes from the mold of an actual vagina – makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Instead of the in/out motion, this dildo is designed to sit in the vaginal canal and the tail end be tapped for g-spot sensation.

At 7.5 inches total, 4 inches insertable length, 5.75 inches in circumference, and 1.75 inches in diameter, this beauty is sure to satisfy.

Vikskin Maverick Tie-Bright

image of colorful tie-die look dildo in front of a pink and geometric background and the text "maverick"

If you’re a big fan of silicone dildos but want something more fun and colorful, the VixSkin Maverick Tie-Bright is for you. Instead of being stuck with a variety of flesh tones, you can have a dildo that looks like art. Even better, you don’t have to give up on having a top of the line dildo. 

VixSkin has a terrific feel, soft and flexible on the outside, with a solid core on the inside. This material will also warm up as you’re using it to add to the pleasure. 

This colorful dildo is 7″ long and 2″ in diameter, perfect if you’re a fan of girth! Even better, Maverick is versatile with a suction base that makes it harness compatible too.

Summer Dildo

image of colorful striped dildo in front of a pink and geometric background and the text "summer"

Another option made of the highest-quality body-safe silicone is Summer. This bright dildo in vivid stripes is sure to bring some fun to your sex life. It lacks any veining or texture with a very smooth, soft surface. 

The large head and two bumps are sure to please you and rub against your g-spot. It’s another versatile model that has a suction cup base and is harness ready.

At 7.5″ long and 1.5″ in diameter, it is right in line with most of these artsy dildos. If you would prefer something smaller, try similar models like the 5.25″ True Blue or the 6″ Purple Rain.

Emojibator Pickle

image of vibrator that looks like a pickle in front of a pink and geometric background and the text "maverick"

When you’re ready to bring some levity and laughter into your sex toy repertoire, look no further than the Emojibator Pickle Vibrator. You can’t help but smile or even chuckle when you reach for a pickle when you want to come. The Emojibator Pickle also makes an incredible (and hilarious) gift. 

This little powerhouse is battery operated and has ten settings. Although insertable, it is small at 4.6″ long and 1.22″ in diameter. Some might prefer it to be their bullet vibrator instead of a dildo. Enjoy the bumpy texture combined with the soft silicone for a fun time. 

Not a fan of pickles? Enjoy the Emojibator Banana Vibrator.

Dalia Love Dust Porcelain Dildo

If you’re searching for a hand-painted work of art, Dalia is the one for you. The smooth white porcelain with painted blue dots will add beauty to any sex toy collection. The sleek shape and curvature is perfect for g-spot stimulation. 

Don’t let the fact that Dalia is porcelain keep you from considering it. Porcelain is safe to use internally and is hypoallergenic to boot. It’s also non-porous, which makes it easy to clean. 

At 7″ long and 1.73″ at the widest point, it’s pretty girthy. Not all 7″ are fully insertable, just half at a time, so women who like deep penetration should consider another dildo.

Whichever unrealistic dildo you go with, these fun and artistic picks are great way to come again and again!