How to Use a Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is arguably the most famed vibrator in history. You’ve no doubt heard the hype about the Magic Wand but could be a little intimidated. 

Read below to see if the Magic Wand is for you. 

This powerhouse has been around since the late ’70s. It was sold as a massager back in its day before people were comfortable talking about sex toys and masturbation. When it was behind closed doors? All bets (and pants) were off.

Why Pick a Wand Style Vibrator?

There’s a couple of reasons wand-style vibrators are a must-have in your sex toy collection. The primary reason to reach for the Magic Wand is power! The internal motor on this thing is intense at up to 6300 RPM. 

If you find yourself underwhelmed with your current vibrator, it is time to try the Magic Wand.

Classic models of wand vibrators are plug-ins; this is where they get their intense power. The idea of having a corded sex-toy in this day and age seems wrong; absolutely everything is wireless now after all.

Someone agreed as modern-day wands now have rechargeable batteries. Even better, they work corded too for maximum versatility. Dead batteries are nothing to worry about.

While on the topic of versatility, the Magic Wand is an actual massager too. It’s perfectly capable of delivering a phenomenal orgasm and perfectly relaxed muscles. 

Take advantage of the relaxation it can deliver without even having an orgasm. Now you might be sticking to the low settings when you’re using your Magic Wand for masturbation; massage is the time to see what it can do!

Just like having regular orgasms is beneficial for you, so is regular massage.

You can not only help prevent muscle injury but speed up recovery if you are hurt.

Massage is useful for sore muscles too. If a new workout left you with regrets, let the Magic Wand make you feel better before it makes you feel real good.

What are Magic Wands like?

If you are getting ready to use your Magic Wand and are going solo, make sure you’re out of earshot. This is not a quiet toy by any stretch of the imagination.

Don’t use your wand unless you are either alone or comfortable with some apparent noises.

Granted, modern-day Magic Wands are nowhere near as loud as older versions, but it’s not a quiet vibrator. If your only reference is a Magic Wand from the ’90s, it’s time to upgrade.

The motor behind all of that buzz is mighty. The only time you will give your wand a workout at top speeds is for an actual massage.

Even then, you might need to work up to it. When you grab your massager with the intent to use it during sex or masturbation, you’re going to want to park it on the lowest setting. 

When it comes to vibrations, the wand features delightful rumbly ones. Even better, the buzz is focused on the head of the massager so the wand won’t shake your hand numb when you’re using it. 

Wand massagers are known for being large sex toys, but all things considered, they’re very manageable. Magic Wands are about 12 inches long, whether you go with the plug-in or cordless models. 12 inches might place it in the big toy category, it’s still easy to find a place to store without any difficulty. 

Don’t let length give you any ideas. The Magic Wand is not insertable, not even the head. The head itself used to be vinyl in older models, which didn’t feel great. Now nearly all models of Magic Wand vibrators feature a silicone head.

How to Use a Magic Wand

Magic wands don’t look like typical sex toys, so you might be wondering how to use it.

  1. Find somewhere private. Whether you’re using your wand alone or with a partner, it comes with a tell-tale buzz.
  2. Start far from your clit. As with any sex toy, you should already be turned on for maximum pleasure. Although your Magic Wand can deliver an orgasm under nearly any condition, good orgasms happen when you’re aroused. Use it on your breasts or inner thighs, anywhere that feels good to let that motor get yours running.
  3. The first few times that you use your Magic Wand keep a layer of fabric between you and the wand. Since it’s packing a lot of power behind that small motor, you should give yourself a chance to get used to it first. 
  4. Lightly move your wand around your body. Keep contact, but don’t push down too hard while you learn what you like. 
  5. Try the toy near but not on your clitoris and move it continuously. The sensations are too much for direct contact and way too much for constant vibrations.
  6. When you find your grove with your Magic Wand, get accessories that can allow you to use your beloved toy in brand new ways. If you’re using attachments, make it easy on yourself and put a couple of drops of lube inside the cup.

Quick safety note about the accessories: you’ll notice that they’re predominately silicone and will tout that they’re waterproof. That only applies to the actual accessory, not the wand. Even the battery-operated wands should not be in water.

Magic Wand Attachments

Sure, Magic Wand vibrators are already doing double duty as a massager and a sex toy, but with the right accessories, it can be so much more.

I’ve already mentioned that the head is not insertable, but it can be with some simple add-ons.

These attachments can turn your Magic Wand into some of the most popular sex toys out there. Even better, you don’t lose any of the power. If you’re wondering why you wouldn’t just get a conventional rabbit vibrator or g-spot vibrator? The answer should be evident by now; the sheer power!

Flutter Tip Magic Wand Attachment

photo of a light purple silicone attachment with the title "flutter tip" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

If direct stimulation to your clit is too much, even at lower speeds, give the Flutter Tip Magic Wand attachment a try. 

This silicone sleeve slips over the head of your Magic Wand and gives it a little shark fin looking tip. When you turn it on, you’ll notice that the thin silicone material flutters quickly with the vibration of your wand. 

Some say that it feels like a flicking tongue, but better. To try to mimic this, use plenty of lube. If the flutter isn’t enough to orgasm, just use either end of the more rigid silicone for powerful vibrations. 

For something a little different, use this flutter attachment on your nipples.

G-Spot Head Attachment

photo of a dark purple silicone attachment with the title "g-spot" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

Fans of g-spot stimulation should immediately pick up this attachment for their Magic Wands. Your g-spot is spoiled with all of the best sensations that a g-spot vibrator can offer, but your clit also joins the fun with some hard ridges in just the right place. 

The silicone arm is the perfect length to arch into your g-spot and hit you with those powerful Magic Wand sensations. The g-spot also strikes the right balance of flexibility versus rigidity. 

The Best Magic Wand Vibrators

The Classic, Improved

Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Vibrator

photo of a white wand style massager with blue buttons with the title "the classic" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

The absolute classic and namesake for an entire category of sex toys is the Magic Wand massager. This updated and modern version is rechargeable to allow you to use it cord-free. Even better, if you forget to charge it, you have the option to use it corded. 

You can pick between 4 power levels and 4 patterns of vibrations while enjoying a smooth silicone head.

Modern, Sleek, and Options

Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Body Massager

photo of a white Le Wand brand wand style massager with metallic accents and the title "sleek and modern" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

Sleek and lovely, Le Wand takes all of the good from the Magic Wand and improves it. The smooth white shaft and metallic details keep it from looking like your mother’s massager. 

There are 10 intensities and a whopping 20 patterns to pick from to keep you on your toes. 

Le Wand comes with a travel lock to keep it from turning on unintentionally. That doesn’t just come in handy for travel but even storage. You can easily avoid hearing random buzzing from a nightstand drawer.

Small but Mighty

Deluxe Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

photo of a pink and purple ombre wand style massager with the title "compact" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

When size matters and you need a smaller wand massager, you can count on the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini. Despite it being a mini wand, the Lovehoney Deluxe still packs quite the punch. 

You also get a variety of options in both intensity and vibration patterns, even in smaller packages. 

At a lower price point than a lot of wands, you’re getting a quality toy at a low price. This makes the Lovehoney Deluxe a great first wand vibrator.

Whichever you chose, you won’t regret it! Enjoy!