How to Use Nipple Suckers

Nipple stimulation can be incredibly pleasurable for a lot of women. In addition to having loads of nerve endings, studies have proven that our brain responds to nipple stimulation in the same part that responds to genital stimulation. 

Although orgasms from nipple stimulation are as common as unicorns, their contribution to your pleasure shouldn’t be ignored. 

Nipple suckers are an easy way to step up your game alone or with a partner. They’re also so very effective as an arousal aid. Easily and affordably explore nipple stimulation with suction toys.

Why should you use nipple suckers?

Two groups are equally served by nipple suckers and should give them a shot.

  1. If you don’t have sensitive nipples or have never really understood the hype, nipple suckers can make you a believer. These toys can bring you increased sensitivity and pleasure. 
  2. If you’re otherwise already a nipple stimulation enthusiast and are merely curious about what nipple suction toys can do for you, they’re definitely worth getting. 

Benefits of Nipple Suckers

Nipple suction toys have apparent benefits. Your nipples become pronounced and sensitive. Touches that you usually find pleasing will feel so much better. 

The stimulation can bring your foreplay to new heights, whether alone or with a partner. When you’re flying solo, suction toys allow you to get the nipple sensations you want while your hands are free.

You get the same benefit with a partner. It’s so good when both you and your partner have hands free to roam, grope, or stroke anything and still have delicious sensations in your nipples.

If you have small nipples and would like to make them more prominent, your nipple suckers will do the job. They are also great for those with inverted nipples. After use, nipples will be pronounced and puff out. 

How do Nipple Suckers work?

Squeezing the chamber when the mouth is against your nipples will push out the air in the toy. When you release, the vacuum effect sucks up your nipple into the toy.

It’s not overwhelming or painful, but more of a gentle pull that feels just right. The nipple suckers don’t need to be on for long before you feel that same pull in your clit too.

How to Use Nipple Suckers

You’re going to find them incredibly easy to put on and take off. They’re a wonderfully low tech toy and provide incredible sensations to the user.

  1. Line the suction cups up to your nipples and place them against your skin, already where you want them to go. If it feels a little uncomfortable, trying putting just a little bit of lube on the inside of the suction cup. This will keep your skin from pinching. Start with a little bit of lube to avoid making the toy to slick to hold suction.
  2. Press in / pinch the suction cup to remove the air from inside the toy while it’s still against your skin. The more you squeeze the bulb, the more suction you’re going to feel. If you try it and the pulling feels too intense, try pressing a little lighter and letting less air out. Play around with the intensity and see what you like best.
  3. Press down gently to keep a seal and release the toy. While you learn what you prefer, release your hold slowly so you can stop if it starts to hurt.

Some notes:

  • If you’re having a hard time getting them to stay and they just can’t keep a suction, take a look at the actual toy. Chances are you have a crack somewhere, and the suction is lost as the air leaks out.

Nipple suckers vs. clamps 

When considering nipple suckers or nipple clamps, think about what sensations you tend to favor. Even though they are both nipple toys, they are not interchangeable. Nipple suckers will mimic someone tugging on your nipple. Depending on what kind of suction toy you use, the sensations can be slight or overwhelming. 

Clamps can bring just as much pleasure but take a little more time to master. They can also be a little more intimidating and come with a bit of a learning curve. 

They can be pleasurable as well but feel like a pinch more than a pull. The sensations when taking them off are more intense than when wearing them. 

Either one is effective at making your nipples sensitive, so if that’s your goal, you can’t go wrong. 

A quick note on the suckers if you’ve recently had a baby. Wearing them for even a bit will usually cause a little leak. Clamps don’t tend to do that. 

If you are nursing and miss a little nipple action but aren’t on board with your partner getting some accidental drops, suckers are a good alternative. 

Types of Nipple Suckers

Basic nipple suction toys are simple to operate and wonderfully low tech. When you’re starting out, just a squeeze and release might be preferable to the more complex pump suction variety. 

When you’re ready to graduate to stronger suction or better yet, ultimate control of the suction you get the pump type is for you.

Will Nipple Suckers Make My Nipples Bigger?

Applying suction to your nipple on a regular basis and for a long time can make your nipples larger. That does not mean that playing with suction every once in a while will make your nipples larger. 

Feel free to experiment without concern that the temporarily prominent nipples are permanent. 

Conversely, if that is your goal, you can spend a little bit of time every day with your suction toys to get the more prominent nipples you’re after.

The Best Nipple Suckers

As I’ve mentioned, there are two main types of nipple suction toys, the basic squeeze and suck kind and the more elaborate pump variety.

One of the beautiful things about these types of toys is the cost. They’re so affordable! You have no excuse when deciding if you want to give it a shot!

Best nipple suckers for beginners

Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers

photo of pink and purple nipple suction toys with the title "color play silicone nipple suckers" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

These are incredible, particularly when you consider that they’re less than $15.00. The ultimate in low-tech pleasure, you simply take the soft and smooth silicone and squeeze to apply. It’s absolutely perfect for any newcomer as another pinch will quickly release the suction if it’s too much for you.

It’s available in pretty blue color, or black. Even better, you can get a fun purple color that reacts to your body heat as you wear them. 

The silicone material is nice and thick, so you know this toy will last for you.

Best intense nipple suckers

Colt Nipple Pro-Suckers

photo of black cylindrical nipple suction toys with the title "colt pro-suckers" in block letters and a geometric pattern border

Once you’re used the pull of your entry-level nipple suction toys, you are ready to twist on vacuum pressure suckers. Instead of being limited to the air displaced in the squeeze variety, attach these to be blown away. When you twist just a handful of times, you’re going to feel incredible sensations. Start slow with you or your partner turning only two or three times. Increase slowly as you get used to the suction. You’ll be amazed at how sensitive your nipples become and how much you can take. 

Because these cylinders are clear, you also get to see your nipple fill it with every turn. It can be quite the turn on if you and your partner are dipping your toes in bondage when you’re positively overwhelmed with sensation and unable to stop them.

If you’re thinking that your nipple in a cylinder just isn’t possible, take a look at the dimensions. They’re over 4″ long and 1.5″ wide and will definitely do the job.

Best vibrating nipple suckers

Fantasy for Her Vibrating Silicone Breast Suck-Hers

A little different than the others here, the Suck-Hers add something special to the suction sensations. Not only do they vibrate, but the cups are large enough to get more than just your nipples. 

The larger cups stimulate your breasts too. The effort is worth it as the increased sensitivity to your breasts feels oh so good.

The silicone is soft to the touch and silky. The Suck-Hers are easy to use and stay put. Just push down on the center of the cup while it’s against your breast and release. Then just click the vibrators on for a nice buzz.