How to Use a Double-Ended Dildo

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Using a double-ended dildo can be really intimidating. They tend to be enormous and thick, making themselves appear to be quite the formidable opponent.  In reality, double-ended dildos have come a long way from two and a half feet of rubber. Whether you’re using it with a female partner, male partner, or yourself, there are … Read more

Fun and Artistic Dildos

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Are you looking for dildos that don’t actually look like dildos? Would you rather have fun and artistic dildos than realistic phallic ones? If you find yourself reaching for color and art in your everyday life, flesh-colored dildos might not cut it for you. There’s no reason why your sex toys can’t be an expression … Read more

How to Use Nipple Suckers

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Nipple stimulation can be incredibly pleasurable for a lot of women. In addition to having loads of nerve endings, studies have proven that our brain responds to nipple stimulation in the same part that responds to genital stimulation.  Although orgasms from nipple stimulation are as common as unicorns, their contribution to your pleasure shouldn’t be … Read more

Role Playing Ideas for Couples

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One of the most powerful tools for connecting with your partner is role-playing. The longer you’re in a relationship, the more you tend to get into a routine with work, maybe even kids, and everyday life. Role-playing brings back a certain excitement and thrill to your sex life. The first couple of times you both … Read more

Best Way to Use a Bullet Vibrator

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The bullet vibrator – the one that will always come through for you. Pun very much intended. If you only have one vibrator, chances are it’s a bullet. There’s a reason why; it’s reliable and can deliver an orgasm every time. Not all of these little power players are made equal. Below, I will cover … Read more